The Sparrows of Senegambia is a memoir of Dr. Charles Sampson that focuses on his travel to different parts of the world, the lessons he gathered from his parents, reflections on the people, race, and ancestry, his insights and understandings of his overall experience as a traveler and how he compares his American family into a sparrow.

Footsteps on the sand: Enjoying Life through Travelling

Every one of us is entitled to our decisions in our respective lives. From the moment we step outside the garden of our houses, we and the world we live in are interconnected, mingled, and forever on the verge of entropic dance. Since then, the life we are living has been connected to the world, and it is our job to make sense of our lives and the world we are living in. One of the most exciting parts of experiencing life is our freedom to go to other places familiar or even unfamiliar to us. From the nearest country to the farthest land known to human inhibition. What we are seeking while we are in other places where culture and people are foreign to us is the spiritual connection we can have to its location. Places are lovely, exciting, dangerous, and full of activities that rekindle our joy amid the scorching heat of pressure of our lives at work or in the family. Going from place to place can give you a sense of what it feels like to be a melting pot of all the world’s cultures. Every place you might go will leave a grain of sand under your feet. Every experience you gain will leave a mark in your heart and memory. Being able to go to places unknown to you is also a demanding yet rewarding experience. At first, you might experience culture shock since certain cultures vary. But if your heart and soul are open and you want to become knowledgeable to sure learning you can acquire by absorbing the culture of a particular place you are visiting, traveling would be a promising avenue for learning, researching, and becoming as experienced as the rest of the people whom you share the same interest with.

Traveling as A Source of Reflection

Travelling is also the best way to reflect and seek wisdom from all the places you went through in your journey. Places teach you to think and be more profound than the surface level of things. Sites that are serene, quiet, busy, melancholy, and happy invite you to their deepest secrets. Everything that comes in your way can lead you to reflection because, as human beings, we are bound to relate ourselves to the environment, places we feel a connection with, or a thing that reminds us of something important within our soul. To reflect is the most extraordinary gift that the human mind has given. Being able to contemplate some specific things and come up with a realization means a lot. Some things that make us think and reflect are beautiful sceneries, sunset, sunrise, mountain peaks, gardens, fountains, etc.

A Persona of a Sparrow

Sparrows are some of the most familiar and most common birds in the world. Poet William Wordsworth’s analogy of the human soul is reflected as a sparrow. The sparrow represents courage, and although sparrows are small in size and do not have the remarkable speed and strength of the falcon or elegance of the crane, they still stand for many qualities that we can teach in our lives. They’re hard workers, whether it is to collect food or make their nest. Their spirit teaches us that as long as we’re willing to work hard, we will always be able to overcome every difficulty that life throws at us. However, the sparrows don’t simply work hard, and they’re also concerned about whether or not their hard work is fecund. Their production is what keeps them satisfied. These birds educate us that our lives are worthy of being appreciated and loved.

Sparrows are social birds used to living in large communities, dispensing their responsibilities and duties among themselves to make their lives easier and more convenient. They represent to us the values of being a part of a community; by working efficiently with the people who have the same goals. Same way as our goals in life that we love to do and work, a memoir of our stories is worthy of being praised and reflected by thousands of souls like ours.

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